Blockchain Bot Fighting with Decentralized Economy
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Krypton Invaders

There are unknown aliens from the deep space lurking around our Mars settlement area. Defend against these aliens or all of our efforts will be lost.

Participate in our invaders simulation training to help us prepare our battle system.

Blockobot is a decentralized bot economy, running on Binance Smart Chain. We aim to create a bot game with player-centric economic system. It isn’t a game just for fun but a real economy, powered by real people.

Build your powerful robots by collecting different variations of part. Use your unlimited imagination to build bots in your style. This is your first step to join blockobot economy.

Lots of things happen in the world of blockobot. You can send your bot to join various missions like volunteering activity, catching robbers, or even space adventure to save the world. Every mission has rewards for you.

Your bots aren’t just for playing. You can sell your bots to other people in the community via our marketplace powered by Binance for a return in real world. Not only that, you can buy awesome bots you like from your friends too.