Blockobot Starter Kit
Starter kit contains:
6 Random Parts
These 6 random parts can be easily assembled to create your first robots.
8 Fuel Cells
These tokens will be used in activities like completing missions or participating in special events.
What can you do with the 6 robot parts?
  • Assemble your first robot in inventory

  • Put these parts on the marketplace for profits!

What about the fuel cells?

We planned to have missions for players to take part and win rewards. These missions would required fuel cells to participate.

Think of it as staking your robot to get more rewards!

Example of parts you can get from the Starter Kit

*there’re more parts in the starter kit than the ones showed here.

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We aim to push the boundaries of NFT technologies and create a self sustainable economy for our blockobot universe.
Here’s what you can expect in the near future.

StatsStats will be defined to each parts. When you create a robot by combining parts together, the robot will have stats according to the combination of parts you’ve used.

With your robot, you can participate in missions in the game in order to hunt for rewards. Mission center is where you can see the list of missions and choose the one you want to participate.

Upgrades are the consumable items for upgrading stats. You can improve your robot stats by using upgrades. Robot with high stats can participate in more missions & events.